Radcliffe Group, Inc. was founded in 1996.  Radcliffe Capital Management, LP is an SEC registered investment adviser that manages over $2 billion across defensive credit related strategies.  Its clients include a cross section of institutions and high-net-worth individuals.

For over 20 years, Radcliffe has evolved its team, models, systems, and risk controls to successfully invest in niche strategies by capitalizing on persistent and explainable structural market inefficiencies, where the Principals of the firm want to commit their own capital.

Radcliffe is currently managing four unique strategies: Ultra Short Duration ("USD"), Select (more conservative than USD), Short Duration (less conservative than USD), and a BDC bond strategy. In each case, credit analysis is employed to identify corporate bonds that we believe are fundamentally mispriced and are expected to produce excess returns with low volatility.

The firm employs a highly experienced team of 14, including an investment team of 6 and an additional 8 professionals dedicated to operations, systems, compliance, and investor relations.